Top 10 Finalists of the Turf Lawn Striping Contest

Vote for your favorite on the Turf Facebook page!

– The Turf Lawn Striping Contest has announced its Top 10 finalists.
– The contest received numerous submissions from local business owners showcasing their creatively striped lawns.
– Voting is now open, and participants can vote for their favorite lawn on the Turf Facebook page.
– The winner of the contest will receive a prize package worth $1,000, including professional lawn care services.
– The goal of the contest is to promote creativity and lawn care excellence among local businesses.
– Participants in the contest have demonstrated their commitment to maintaining attractive and well-striped lawns.
– The Turf Facebook page has been buzzing with excitement as people support their favorite finalists.
– Voting will close on [date], and the winner will be announced shortly after.
– The contest has brought together a community of lawn care enthusiasts and provided inspiration for others to improve their own lawns.

In Conclusion:

The Turf Lawn Striping Contest has showcased the creativity and dedication of local business owners in maintaining beautiful lawns. The Top 10 finalists can now be voted for on the Turf Facebook page, with the winner receiving a prize package worth $1,000. This contest has not only encouraged healthy competition but also inspired others to enhance their own lawn care efforts. The voting period will close soon, and the winner will be announced shortly after.