Hunter Releases Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor for Enhanced Water Savings

Understanding the Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor

Hunter Industries has released its upgraded Mini-Clik® sensor that has now gone wireless. The original Mini-Clik® rain sensor was an AC-powered device designed to interrupt sprinklers as soon as rain began falling. This helped save water and reduce runoff. The new wireless sensor offers the same functionality and benefits as the previous wired design, with added benefits of simplified installation and addressing wireless connectivity issues experienced with other models.

The wireless Mini-Clik® sensor is a two-wire device that does not require any additional programming or tools for installation. It can simply be connected to any of Hunter’s AC-powered controllers, making it a practical solution to retrofitting with rain/freeze sensors.

In Conclusion

Hunter’s wireless Mini-Clik® sensor offers an efficient solution to water conservation efforts by introducing an improved design that is easy to install and compatible with all Hunter AC powered controllers. By utilizing this new technology, individuals and businesses can make a significant impact by avoiding over-watering and reducing runoff while also improving the health of their lawns and landscapes.