How to Protect Outdoor Employees During Wildfire Smoke

Protecting Outdoor Workers During Wildfires

Wildfire smoke in the air can cause respiratory problems, headaches, and eye irritation, making working outdoors very challenging and potentially harmful. Outdoor employees, such as those in the landscaping, agriculture, and construction sectors, should be prepared to protect themselves from smoke-filled skies. Employers should provide adequate training, protective equipment, shade, and frequent breaks to reduce employee exposure to smoky conditions. Communication is also key in keeping employees aware and prepared for the risks of working in poor air quality. By taking these steps, employers can keep their outdoor workers safe during wildfire season.

In Conclusion

As outdoor employees, like landscapers, agriculture workers, and construction workers, work outside, they are exposed to the dangers of wildfire smoke. Employers must take steps to ensure employee safety, including providing the tools necessary to assess and monitor the wildfire smoke’s impact and training in the use of protective equipment. By following these measures, outdoor workers can continue to perform their jobs while keeping themselves safe from the dangers of wildfire smoke.