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Expert Tree Removal for Hazardous and Unwanted Trees in North Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas

Trees are the easiest way to add aesthetic appeal to your property. However, sometimes, tree removal becomes a necessity – you need to get rid of dying, unsightly and dangerous trees.

So if you spot a hazardous tree or want to create room for new plants, professional tree removal services can help you. However, tree removal is a risky job that should only be attempted by someone with proper training, equipment, and insurance. As the market leader in the North Las Vegas tree service sector, North Las Vegas Tree Service Pros place a premium on preventing accidents. 

Our skilled tree arborists provide a safe and efficient way to get rid of old trees and clear the way for new ones. Don’t worry — we arrange a full yard evaluation and weed out only what’s necessary with our state-of-the-art techniques. Our year-round tree removal services are available for trees of all sizes, breeds, and ages.

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Why Get Tree Removal Services?

At North Las Vegas Tree Service Pros, we are committed to environmental sustainability. While planting trees is one way to help, tree-cutting is necessary to maintain a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. Here are the compelling reasons why you should hire a tree cutting service.

Unhealthy, Injured, or Sick Trees

Tree illness has several potential causes, including poor soil, unfit tree care, and genetic and environmental factors. The tree's health may deteriorate, and eventually, it dies. If you don’t want the infestation to spread to other trees in the area, tree removal is your best bet.

Truncated Trees

The trunk of a tree may need to be cut down if it is hollow throughout more than a third of its circumference. In the event of a storm or high winds, it may pose a health hazard to both people and property. Calling a tree service provider for its removal will keep you and your family safe.

Troublesome Location

A tree's removal may become necessary due to its position. When a tree grows too close to electrical lines, it can be dangerous for everyone nearby. Talk to North Las Vegas Tree Service Pros, ask for tree removal costs, and begin the process to avoid accidents.

Incorrect Tree Lineage

A tree's species may also influence its behavior. When a tree belongs to a family prone to breakage, its roots can damage the property. If it creates too much debris, transmits diseases, or reseeds itself, the landowner may have to remove it.

Why Get Tree Removal Services?

  • We’ve been in the tree service industry for 20+ years, so we know the alternatives for tree removal.
  • Our unwavering dedication to professionalism, quality, and competitive pricing in tree service separates us from the competition.
  • Licensed and insured, our professionals can evaluate your property at any time and advise you on what steps to take next for tree cutting service.
  • We are confident in our abilities and want you to have peace of mind while we tend to your garden.

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North Las Vegas Tree Service Pros will help you save your trees from unwanted growth and restore the brilliance of your yard. Call us right now to have a tree arborist give you a free and customized estimate on tree removal in North Las Vegas.